Ammonia Technician

Ammonia Technician Summary

An ammonia refrigeration technician is responsible for maintaining, repairing, and examining refrigeration systems, working specifically with ammonia refrigeration. This role requires performing preventative maintenance to refrigeration systems. They also respond to any breakdowns , meaning they may need to be on call to conduct emergency repairs. These technicians must be able to perform physical tasks such as scaling tall buildings, climbing ladders, climbing scaffolding, and moving around refrigeration systems. Ammonia refrigeration technicians must be able to work with a variety of individuals, including fellow technicians, supervisors, and clients.

These technicians may work in a variety of fields, including food manufacturing, mechanical repair, and university laboratories. Ammonia refrigeration technicians often work indoors, and they may be exposed to chemicals and extreme temperatures when servicing equipment. These are usually full-time positions. 

The most common education requirements for ammonia refrigeration technicians include at least a high school diploma or equivalent. Higher-paying positions may require that applicants be licensed journeymen or have equivalent certification. Applicants also usually need five or more years operating and maintaining ammonia refrigeration systems. Ammonia refrigeration technicians should be able to work well on their own with minimal supervision, as well as in a team setting. They should also have excellent communication skills and in-depth knowledge of refrigeration systems. (Copyright 2018

Ammonia Refrigeration Technician Tasks

  • Confer with operators and observes, tests, and evaluates operation of machinery and equipment to diagnose cause of malfunction.
  • Disassemble machinery and equipment to remove parts and make repairs.
  • Interface with state and federal government agencies as required.
  • Operate refrigeration, steam generation and all utility systems.
  • Perform daily chemical testing and logging all test results, making adjustments required to maintain refrigeration & utility system within established limits.

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