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About Us

You deserve to work with one of the best companies in the transportation industry. JRayl is a large, asset-based logistics company that quickly transports freight internationally by truck, ship and rail. Whether you want to find loads, ship freight or join the JRayl team, there are numerous opportunities at our nationwide terminals and yards as well as our brokerage and drayage divisions.

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JRayl Transport offers a six-week finishing school for CDL graduates. As a newly CDL driver starts their journey into the transportation industry. JRayl would like the opportunity to further that experience and provide valuable safety habits that will stay with the drivers for their entire driving career. The road knowledge necessary to be successful in the transportation industry begins at JRayl and we want the opportunity to help CDL graduates with a seamless transition from CDL school to the real world.


JRayl Transport, as well as other employers, requirement for employment includes:

  • Commercial Driver’s License, Class A, 10 Speed Endorsement, No Restrictions
  • In the past 3 years:
    • No more than 3 moving violations
    • No serious or disqualifying traffic violations
    • No preventable accidents especially involving a fatality
    • No refused drug/alcohol tests or tested positive for drugs or alcohol
    • No possession of Marijuana or other controlled substances
  • No DUI’s within the past 5 years
  • Must not have a felony conviction relatable to the requirements of the position
  • Must travel in all states employer operates within
  • Must pass the DOT physical test(every 2 years) and be physically able and willing to handle the freight if necessary
  • Must pass a drug test whenever required


JRayl’s training program is tailored to the individual. The goal of the program is to develop safe and successful drivers. The skills gained in the training program include:

  • Maneuverability
  • Defensive Driving
  • Planning Routes
  • Map Reading
  • E-Log Training
  • Customer Service Principles

JRayl offers reimbursement for tuition (up to $5,000.00) for CDL graduates and Mentor/Mentee Programs. JRayl would like the opportunity to help CDL graduates with a seamless transition from school to real world. JRayl wants the graduates to be safe and true professionals in the industry.

JRayl is a family owned business who believes in strong relationships based on trust and engagement. As a leader in the transportation industry, we have knowledge and experience to help guide the students on a path to success. We look forward to welcoming YOU home to JRayl!