Military Veteran Driver and Trainer Make a Great Team

Driver Kevin and Trainer Bruce.jpg

J.B. Hunt's mission is to hire 10,000 Veterans by 2020 and our Hunt's Heroes team has taken on the challenge. The hiring program is designed to provide driving careers to Veterans and transitioning soldiers. The dedicated team guides the new driver through the process - orientation, CDL schooling (if needed) and training. If the Veteran has any questions, the team is available with a simple phone call or email.

Kevin is one of the many Veterans to go through the Hunt's Heroes Apprenticeship program and work on a dedicated account as a regional driver. "I really like the route I am on. I'm home on the weekend to spend time with my wife and five kids. My wife is a school nurse so she has the summers off. It works out well," he said.

The new driver found participating in the program to be a smooth ride. "I worked with David. He was a great guy. He set me up for orientation and CDL school to renew my license and got me through it. It was a good experience," he said.

Since Kevin had driven for a few years in the 90s, he only needed a few weeks of training once on his account. Bruce, a 39-year accomplished driver had been asked to take on the duty of training the newbie. "I at first thought I would pass. That is until I was told that the driver was a Veteran and had served our country. I decided then that if Kevin could give up his time to serve our great nation, that I could give up two weeks of my time to help a Veteran," he said.

Bruce quickly discovered that the Veteran learned quickly and adapted to challenges on the road. "Kevin is a great driver, very quiet, but good behind the wheel. I felt like I was overloading his brain with stuff I thought would be useful to make sure that he succeeded and made J.B Hunt look good on the road. He caught on very quickly, he may have had some hiccups, nothing major, but who of us doesn’t have to keep trying something to get good at it? I've been with J.B Hunt for 18 and a half years and driving a truck for 39 years and there is stuff I am still learning. You have to be open for changes when you are in our profession," he said.

Kevin found Bruce to be a great trainer and person. "Any time I had a question, he had an answer. He was easy to work with and get along with. He did an outstanding job," he said.

Bruce has no regrets training Kevin and has high hopes for the Hunt's Heroes driver. "I am glad that I was given the opportunity to help Kevin feel confident to drive on his own. I hope he retains everything that I have passed on to him and keeps learning along the way. Someday, I believe that I will see Kevin in the J.B Hunt magazine for reaching a million miles with no accidents," he said.

"I loved being able to give back to someone who defended my freedom and my family’s freedom. What J.B Hunt does for our country's Veterans is a great thing and I am proud to wear and support the J.B Hunt logo," Bruce added.